Are you ready to make it rain
or shine at : Paris Campus Ionis Paris South

Our idea


We are Météo Sociale, the first real-time website showing you the atmosphere, the global ambiance of a place. Thanks to a bunch of sensors as temperature, humidity, luminosity, sound and an arduino processor set in a specific place ( room, pub, club, school...), we collect the data of that place and we analyze it. this data is translated in animated illustrations of weather on our website. For instance, let’s have a lot of people talking and laughing in a room, our sensors will detect it and send the collected data to our database, and our website will show a beautiful and shiny weather, because there is a good ambiance in the room. On the contrary if the room is empty and calm, the weather will be rainy.

Are you a customer ? How about knowing what is the best club to go tonight ? With Meteo Sociale, check immediatly if this or that club has the best ambiance.

Are you a director ? Get Météo Sociale in your place to beat concurrence. The more customers you get, the better the ambiance goes and it will be shown on the website. And when there is a good ambiance, people consulting the website will go in your place instead of concurrence.